These 5 New Hams Will Change Your Life

No longer will you wait until the holidays to enjoy a juicy ham. With 5 options and sizes, you can make ham a regular part of your meal plans. And these aren’t just any hams. D’Artagnan’s hams are made with the famed Berkshire breed pork – also known as Kurobuta pork. It’s the best choice for ham because it offers nuanced, deep flavor and succulent meat.

The best part? Our hams are smoked naturally over real applewood (no liquid smoke here) and seasoned with just the right amount of sea salt and raw cane sugar. They are slightly sweet but still savory and salty.  Plus, these hams are fully-cooked, ready-to-eat, and made without nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, or artificial fillers.

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The Big One: Bone-in Half Ham

It’s a classic, and perfect for holiday meals. This 8-10 pound half bone-in ham makes a lovely presentation when heated in the oven with a glaze, and will serve 16-18 people.

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CHAHAM200-1 Bone in Half Ham

The Spiral Cut Ham

Spiral cut hams are favored because they eliminate the need for carving around the bone. Perfect, neat slices are easy to serve, and unlike other spiral hams, ours has all-natural ingredients. Serves 16-18 people.

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CHAHAM202-1 Bone in Spiral Ham

The Boneless Ham

Without the bone, this 5-7 pound ham is easy to slice and serve at any meal. It’s full of flavor whether glazed or not. Serves 10-14 people.

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CHAHAM204-1 Boneless Whole Ham

The Everyday Ham

Our smallest Berkshire ham – 2.5-3.5 pounds – is the perfect size for everyday use in sandwiches and other recipes that call for ham. Serves 5-7 people … or 2 with plenty of leftovers for lunch.

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CHAHAM206-1 Boneless Half Ham

The Ham Steak

This fully-cooked 8-ounce ham steak is versatile and ready for any variety of recipes.  Simply pan-sear until browned and serve with red-eye gravy, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We’re excited about this addition to our ham offerings.

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CHAHAM208-1-R-Ham Steak

Our Berkshire Pork Farmers

Each of the participating small farms in our cooperative near the Ozark Mountains agrees to follow strict standards. They keep traceable records of the breeding lines, feed the pigs a natural diet of forage and supplemental corn, soybeans and rolled oats, with no hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, animal by-products or fishmeal. Most importantly, the pigs are given lots of space and sunshine, are allowed their natural piggy behaviors, raise their own piglets, and live outdoors with access to shelter.

Pork raised this way costs a little more than the bland, lean, pale pork at the average grocery store, but to support the efforts of these farmers, and to preserve the Berkshire breed, we feel it’s worth it.  So we pay our farmers a premium to adhere to these standards.  And we think you can taste the difference in the final product, be it raw pork cuts or smoked hams.

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Since 1985, D’Artagnan has been at the forefront of the farm-to-table movement, producing superior tasting products by partnering with small ranches and farms. We are committed to free-range, natural production, sustainable and humane farming practices and no use of antibiotics or hormones. That’s why D’Artagnan products have been revered by America’s most renowned chefs for over 30 years. We offer the same high-quality products to home cooks at, along with recipes and guides to help you live the tasty life.

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