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This Berkshire pork chop has only one problem – it’s too popular. For a while now, we’ve barely been able to keep it in stock. The good news is that everybody’s favorite is now readily available, thanks to our growing cooperative of farmers. Plus we’ve improved the cut, which now offers more pork, and is consistently sized. Why is the Milanese pork chop so perfect? Read on for the answers.

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Milanese pork chops come from the end of a rib rack and were traditionally trimmed off by the butcher to present a more evenly sized roast. Often his own family ate the mismatched chops for dinner, so the cut was seldom seen in the case.

We’ve offered this “butcher’s cut” for years, and what was once a little-known chop became very popular.

FPBFR003-1-R Milanese Pork Chops
Look at all that marbling – nothing like the lean pork chops we’ve become accustomed to.

Since the supply was limited, people were often disappointed to find them out of stock at

The big news is that we have more farmers providing us with Berkshire pork now – to the same exacting standards – and a steady supply of these precious pork chops. You will find they are consistently sized so you will get two pork chops of the same heft and weight (the average is 8 oz. each). We left them unfrenched so there’s more meat on the bone.

Because they cook quickly, these chops are ideal for weeknight meals or grilling outdoors for a weekend dinner.

Cooking Milanese Pork Chops

Berkshire pork is so tasty it doesn’t need much embellishment, and these pork chops will sear up tender, juicy and full of clean pork flavor.

However, Milanese is also a style of cooking, in which veal or pork is pounded thin and breaded. Many of our chef clients pound these chops around the bone, leaving it attached for presentation on the plate. It’s a tempting option.


Try Scala Quinn’s homey pork chops with apples and cider recipe – perfect for autumn. It’s sure to become a family favorite.

The Milanese pork chop has a lot going for it. Learn more and shop all Berkshire pork at

Let us know how you like these pork chops, and tell us how you cook them.

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