A Whole New Way to Enjoy Cassoulet

Cassoulet is one of those cooking projects that people think is harder than it actually is. Our easy-to-follow recipe kit has been a best-seller for years, often serving as the center of a large dinner party. This one-pot meal of beans and preserved meats with origins in Southwest France is a filling and convivial dish. Now we offer a smaller version of our recipe kit – designed to serve 4 people instead of 12. Apartment dwellers, couples, and small parties rejoice! A delicious cassoulet is now more convenient than ever.

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For those in the know, cassoulet is the holy grail of French cooking: rustic, complex, rich, simple, time-consuming to make, and hotly debated. That’s because every village in Southwest France makes cassoulet a little differently, and each of them insists their version is the best.

Our signature Cassoulet Recipe Kit allows you to make this authentic French dish at home, with your own heavy enamel pot. It also makes a great gift for those who love to cook, in either the large or small size. cassoulet flat layThe new Cassoulet Recipe Kit for 4 contains 1 pound of our heirloomTarbais Beans, grown in France under specific, controlled conditions, 3 Duck Leg Confit, 1 package of Duck and Armagnac Sausage, 1 pound of French Garlic Sausage, 1 pound of Ventrèche, a French-style pancetta, and 1 container each of Duck Fat and Duck and Veal Demi-Glace. Also inside the D’Artagnan gift box: a recipe card with tips for the first time cassoulet cook.Cassoulet for 4 PlatedThe best news of all is that cassoulet can be made ahead of time (it’s actually better that way!), which means less fuss and more fun for the host. Because it is so filling, cassoulet is also a very simple meal. We advise serving nothing else but a salad with a bright citrus dressing. A hearty red wine like Madiran or Malbec would make a good accompaniment.

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