Make the Best Burger of the Summer with this Luxe Kit

Are you ready for the ultimate burger experience of the summer? You’ve found it in our new burger kit!

Our Bacon Wagyu Burger Recipe Kit has enough Wagyu beef burgers, applewood smoked bacon, black truffle butter and brioche buns for 6 people. It’s a great gift for friends, family, and foodies … or for your weekend party plans.

Shop for your perfect burger at The kit comes conveniently packaged in a D’Artagnan gift box along with a recipe brochure offering full instructions and tips for making the ultimate bacon burger. 

Big Bacon Burger

The Burger

Every element of this burger is special, beginning with the beef, which comes from American Wagyu cattle. Yes, that’s the famous Japanese breed of cattle that produces the celebrated Kobe beef, known for an astronomical amount of fine marbling. Our beef comes from a domestic source, but the quality is identical, with high marbling, buttery texture, and exquisite flavor.

The Bacon

Just like the burgers, the bacon has impeccable credentials. Heritage breed pork bellies are rubbed with salt and sugar before being smoked over natural applewood chips. It’s bacon as it should be: slightly sweet, smoky and salty and totally natural. There are no preservatives, nitrates, nitrites or artificial flavorings. Because you’re worth it.

Bacon Burger Kit Raw Ingredients.JPG

The Butter

To take this burger to the extreme, we add our rich black truffle butter. This all-natural butter – with bits of real truffle – captures the essence of the truffle and makes it an affordable luxury that you can enjoy year-round.

The Buns

We’ve even got buns! These artisanally-baked brioche buns are not your standard fare –  they are buttery and springy, soft on the inside but hearty enough to support the layers of deliciousness nestled between them. Their flavor and texture work perfectly with the other elements to create this summer’s burger masterpiece.

Just Add Beer

If you are enjoying today’s craft beer renaissance, then get a few six-packs of something worthy of these burgers. There’s no wrong beer to pair with burgers, but here are a few ideas to guide you.

Everyone agrees that a good IPA with hoppy bitterness makes a perfect foil to the fat and flavor of a burger. Try Founders All Day IPA – a solid session ale.

American Pale Ale is another great option, with its golden copper color and balance between pale malts and hops. Go old school with the granddaddy of all craft beers: Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale.

On the other end of the spectrum, a black beer that is light-bodied, complex with a roasted flavor, and dry enough to cut through the fat of the burger will work well. Uinta Brewing Baba or Kostritzer Schwarzbier are both excellent choices.

Tell us how you like this new burger meal kit! And share pictures of your meal with us on social media!

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