The Ultimate Dish to Impress Your Easter Guests

Porcelet is a perfect choice for the holiday table, especially at Easter. What’s so special about it? This is suckling pig taken to the next level, raised on milk alone, to produce the most succulent pork imaginable. Available exclusively at D’Artagnan, milk-fed porcelet is to pork as veal is to beef. There is nothing else like it on today’s market, and it’s a favorite of many chefs.

Deboned, stuffed, rolled and tied, porchetta makes a beautiful presentation – just right for a holiday dinner. Tom Colicchio makes porchetta with our porcelet, and his recipe and appearance on the Today Show are available here. Read on for the D’Artagnan porchetta recipe, and feast your eyes on exquisite preparations by our chefs.

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D’Artagnan’s Roast Porcelet Porchetta with Garlic & Herbs

You don’t need to be a professional chef to make a beautiful porchetta. That said, it does take some basic knife skills and a little patience. Our succulent, milk-fed porcelet loin stays moist while garlic and fresh herbs enhance the clean, pork flavor. Take your time to blister the skin evenly for best results. This porchetta will serve 12, which means it’s perfect for a holiday dinner, and the light, delicate texture is just right for springtime meals.

Chefs are proud to share their creations on Instagram, and here are three exceptional porcelet porchettas from our clients to inspire you.

IG Porcelet Chad Browser SPiN NYC CROP
Porcelet with cream, purple cauliflower, roasted Brussels sprouts, polenta, chimichurri and veggie pickles, posted by Chef Chad Browser of SPiN New York.
IG Porcelet Oak + Rowan Boston MA CROP
Porcelet porchetta with smoked oyster mayonaise, pickled rhubarb, baby turnip, posted by Oak + Rowan in Boston, MA.
IG Porcelet Ariete Miami FL CROP
Porcelet porchetta at Ariete in Miami, FL.

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  1. low and slow says:

    So it looks like there is some de- boning work to be done on your porcelet porchetta, this appears misleading.Is this difficult?

    1. D'Artagnan says:

      You will need to remove the bones, but that is not as hard as it seems. Click through to the recipe for the description of how that is done. If you have reasonable knife skills, you should be about to manage. We hope you try it!

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