The Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Tip Is a Butcher’s Secret Cut

When it comes to beef, there’s nothing like Wagyu. More tender than any other beef, it’s world famous for its flavor and texture. We are letting you in on a butcher’s secret with our new Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Tips: the tapered end of the tenderloin is just as tasty as the middle and even more versatile. Our chef clients have been enjoying this tender cut, and now it’s your turn.

Try this new cut today at and read on for cooking ideas.

Wagyu cattle come from Japan and have a natural propensity to abundant marbling, which has been encouraged for generations by careful breeding and feeding. This is why their beef is considered the finest in the world.

The cult of Wagyu beef is alive and well in Texas, where cattle with Japanese breeding and characteristics are raised by experienced cattlemen and women. These ranchers are dedicated to humane methods, never use antibiotics or hormones and give the cattle a strict diet to ensure the characteristic marbling and sweet, intense taste that is specific to Wagyu. The result is some of the world’s most exquisite beef, which can now be on your table.

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Cooking With Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Tips

Let your imagination run wild with this cut. Try tenderloin tips on the grill, marinated and then skewered for kebabs, or sliced and stir-fried. They will work well with quick, high-heat methods of cooking. This cut is also amenable to saucy preparations and would be delightful sliced into bite-sized pieces and served with thick gravy and biscuits.

Cut the tenderloin tips into small pieces and wrap with bacon, just as you would with a filet mignon, and serve as an appetizer. Make creamy beef stroganoff and serve over noodles or rice. You get the idea; there’s no wrong way to enjoy Wagyu beef! Just remember: keep it on the rare side to best preserve the incredible texture.

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We are sure you will have great ideas for enjoying these Wagyu Tenderloin Tips. Tell us about them in the comments!

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