Get Your Goose: Pre-Order Holiday Birds

Planning your Christmas feast? We are taking pre-orders for holiday birds – goose, capon or turkey – now and will ship orders for delivery in the days leading up to the holiday. Check our website for specific dates.

The Classic Christmas Goose

From ancient times to the modern-day, the goose looms large in culinary circles. Our geese are raised on small farms with humane and free-range practices, a focus on a clean and natural diet, and an absolute prohibition on antibiotics and hormones. These careful, time-honored methods produce geese fit for all your special occasion meals. What’s good for the goose is good for you, too.

Order your Christmas goose today. 

cooked goose fruits.jpg

Capon: The Holiday Bird

Melding traditional techniques with modern practices, our small-scale farms offer humane, free-range conditions for the capons. The birds grow at a natural rate, with no growth stimulants ever used. We think you’ll agree that the careful methods contribute to exceptional flavor and tenderness.

Order your Christmas capon today.


Organic Turkey on the Table

The exceptional flavor of our organic turkeys is the result of meticulous farming and breeding practices that are better for the birds, better for the environment and so much better for your family. With no antibiotics, pesticides or chemicals in the process, these turkeys are healthier and tastier than the average bird.

Order your Organic Turkey today.

Turkey on Platter with handsExplore our Christmas recipes and party food recipes to get inspired.




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