Enter our Mountain of Morels Giveaway

The first morel mushrooms herald the arrival of spring, usually sometime in March. Morel season lasts, with diminishing quantities, throughout the summer. As with all wild mushrooms, much depends on the weather. Will it be a good morel season?  We hope so!

Morel mushrooms are a source of passion and culinary wonder, inspiring recipes and annual spring festivals. Foraged around the world, the morel is one of the most prized of all wild edibles.

Enter our Mountain of Morels Giveaway for your chance to win a 4 lb. case of these valued fungi – the very first of the season!


Morels are known as a chef’s mushroom with an opulent, earthy flavor – and texture — that builds wonderful, rich sauces. Yet, the flavor of the morel is so complex that it can be enjoyed simply sautéed in butter with a bit of salt and cracked pepper.

Tell us what you would do with 4 lbs of morels – a veritable mountain of mushrooms! A springtime dinner party with morels at the center? Do you have any morel recipes that have been waiting for the season to begin?

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  1. Elsie Mangeri says:

    I would make two delicious mushroom soups, one creamy and clear – yummy!

  2. Suzanne Douglass says:

    I bought a couple of pounds of fresh morels (and ditto chanterelles) last spring and they were so delicious. I’ve found no equivalent for taste for either. My spring indulgence.


    I’ve not had morel mushrooms for years! YUMMY! Exquisite!

  4. Vikki M. says:

    Steak and morels, omelets, fried, breaded. Love them. Hunt for them every spring.

  5. Cindy Jurina says:

    I have a sweet spot where I find Morels every year and am hoping for a huge crop this year. First, I am going to make Chicken Marsala with morels.

  6. Lauren Cerand says:

    A few years ago, I ate a plate of black truffles over macaroni in Paris and realized I must change my life, and devote more of it to pleasure. I have been chasing the feeling ever since, and morels are such a warm and woodsy reminder of the varied pleasures an expanded palate can bring. I like them in wild rice, with roasted chicken and a bottle of chilled white wine, but I definitely want to try some new approaches.

  7. And postscript, if I won, I would have a dinner party for all of my friends on the first day of spring in my garden.

  8. Judy vanmeyer says:

    Love,love these mushrooms. We hunted these in Missouri when I was a kid.

  9. Eugene Clements says:

    Morels & ramps, sweet butter = Spring.

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