Duckspotting @ MoonShine Supper Club, Millburn, NJ

Duckspotting is snapping & sending in pics of dishes from your favorite restaurants, made with D’Artagnan ingredients! We supply restaurants all over the country & love to see what creative chefs are doing with our products. Keep sending them in!

This is a duck double-header, because we couldn’t choose just one. This duckspotting comes with comments from Chef Anthony Theesfeld.

Duck Wings
Duck Wings a l’Orange from the bar menu at MoonShine Supper Club.

“Is there anything better then sitting at a bar with a beer in hand, watching the game, and eating wings?  Probably not.  Not wanting to go the traditional Buffalo Wing route, and inspired by the fried duck legs, I decided to try fooling around with duck wings.  Cooked the same way as the duck legs, they were awesome as-is directly from the fryer.  Putting a slight classical French twist on them, I tossed them with an orange sauce and immediately had something special. Accompanied with arugula and oranges tossed lightly with duck dressing, a perfect match for a beer and the game.”

Duck And Waffles
Duck and Waffles on the brunch menu at MoonShine Supper Club.

“Everyone has had, or at least heard of, the wonderful soul food dish chicken and waffles.  Inspired by this and wanting to put my own twist on it, I thought, ‘Why not duck?’  Buttermilk dipped, lightly floured, and then deep fried, the duck comes out decadently tender. Served with a buttermilk waffle and a sweet and savory duck gizzard gravy, I can’t think of a better way to spend a brunch.”

Where: MoonShine Supper Club

What: Chef Anthony Theesfeld Duck Wings a l’Orange and Duck and Waffles.

How: MoonShine Supper Club is at 55 Main Street, Millburn NJ 07041  |  for reservations, call (973) 218-6042

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