Duckspotting @ Rotisserie Georgette, NYC

Duckspotting is snapping & sending in pics of dishes from your favorite restaurants, made with D’Artagnan ingredients! We supply restaurants all over the country & love to see what creative chefs are doing with our products. Keep sending them in!

Rotisserie Georgette Rabbit Duckspotting

Where: Rotisserie Georgette

What: Chef Chad Brauze’s Rabbit Stuffed with Bacon & Savora Mustard, which is served  with crispy Brussels sprouts tossed with lemon zest and lemon juice.

How: Rotisserie Georgette is at 14 E. 6oth Street (Madison/5th) in Manhattan, NY  10022  |   for reservations, call (212) 390-8060

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