Duckspotting {and a fond farewell} Charlie Trotter’s

After 25 years, the iconic Charlie Trotter’s restaurant is officially shutting its doors. The last plates will make their way out of the kitchen this Friday, August 31st. Charlie Trotter’s has been one of our longest running clients in Chicago and we are really sad to see them close.

Here’s a duckspotting from a recent dinner sent in from D’Artagnan Chicago sales rep, Joelle.

Squab, White Miso Tortellini, Red Wine Braised Cabbage, Baby Turnips with Turnip Green Puree

Even though Friday marks the end of an era in the Chicago culinary scene, Trotter’s is certainly not going quietly… a few weeks ago, the restaurant hosted a gala $2,500 a head 13-course extravaganza – our friends over at Grubstreet have some great photos and a behind the scenes video. For Friday’s dinner, Charlie will be joined by some well-known Trotter alums, including Graham Elliot, Bill Kim and Mindy Segal. We’re sure it won’t be the last we hear from Charlie Trotter. Yet unconfirmed, but word on the culinary street is Charlie is going to relax, travel then possibly attend graduate school. We hope eventually there will be another restaurant on the horizon as well… Good luck Chef!

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